agarwood essential oil extract machine Stainless steel hygiene distillation machine

Extraction Machine Range of Application:

This commercial-scale Electric or Steam Distillation Extraction effectively captures and extracts volatile oil components out of plant material and collects various volatile fragrance compositions from the following plants:
* Conventional plant flowers and leaves such as rose, osmanthus, wild chrysanthemum, lavender, wormwood, rosemary, wintersweet,sophora japonica, primrose, mint, thyme, lemon balsam, chamomile, vetiver, lemongrass, agarwood, eucalyptus, thyme.
* Plant rhizome: aloes, ginger, aloe, clove.
* Fruits: passion fruit, prickly ash, castor bean, star anise, grape seeds, lemon.


Essential Oil Steam Distillation Extraction

Essential oils can be extracted from several plants with different parts by various extraction methods. The manufacturing of essential oils, and the method used for essential oil extraction are normally dependent on botanical material used. State and form of material is another factor used for consideration. Extraction method is one of prime factors that determine the quality of essential oil. Inappropriate extraction procedure can lead to the damage or alter action of chemical signature of essential oil.This results in the loss in bioactivity and natural characteristics. For severe case, discoloration, off-odor/flavor as well as physical change such as the increased viscosity can occur. Those changes in extracted essential oil must be avoided. Steam distillation is the most widely used method for plant essential oil extraction. The proportion of essential oils extracted by steam distillation is 93% and the remaining 7% can be further extracted by other methods . Basically, the plant sample is placed in boiling water or heated by steam. The heat applied is the main cause of burst and break down of cell structure of plant material. As a consequence, the aromatic compounds or essential oils from plant material are released. The temperature of heating must be enough to break down the plant material and release aromatic compound or essential oil.

Products Description

Essential oil distiller extracting machine steam distillation equipment

The essential oil extracting machine uses distillation technology and chemical separation,which can extract plant componentsefficiently by steam distillation,and have good effect in collecting essential oil from plants,flowers,leaves,wood, such asrose,lavender,eucalyptus leaves,lemongrass citronella,sandalwood,etc. By steam distillation or water distillation, the steampasses through plants material and vapourises oil,mixtures of steam and oil vapors go into the condenser.After the cooling,oil formed.This is the ideal device for you to make essential oil no matter for laboratory use or batch production.

Product Structure

1. The device consists of solvent extraction tank, demister, condensing tower, oil-water separator, double filter,supercharger, material conveyor belt and essential oil, pure dew collection tank, pure dew storage tank, food grade pump and other related pipelines composition.

2. Equipment internal surface polishing Ra≤0.6μm,Outer surface matte treatment Ra≤0.8μm,To ensure that no health dead ends, in line with GMP requirements.

Main Features

  • Extraction Loading Capacity: 100– 5000 kg
  • Completly 304 Sanitary Stainless Steel construction
  • Mirror-finish interior to fully comply with GMP and ASME requirements
  • Heating Method: Electric or Steam
  • The main components of the essential oil extracting system include:
  1. Heating Element
  2. Main Storage Vessel
  3. Stainless Steel Condenser
  4. Oil / Water Separator
  5. Glass Essential Oil Collection
  6. Control Panel

Product Paramenters

Volume of distillation still 1500L
Heat transfer area of condenser ≥5㎡
Volume of distillation basket 1000L
Volume of distilled liquid storage tank 50L
Power of aqua astricta set 18KW
Capacity 3000L

Detailed process

Main Equipment Function Introduction

1. Extraction tank(Stirred):

The exterior of the tower body is made of imported gel coat, and the interior is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic.
The applicable temperature of the normal temperature cooling tower packing is 0-60 degrees,which water distribution capacity is strong and the resistance is small.

2. Cooling water tower:

The exterior of the tower body is made of imported gel coat, and the interior is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic.
The applicable temperature of the normal temperature cooling tower packing is 0-60 degrees,which water distribution capacity is strong and the resistance is small.

3.Water Softener

Harmless to the human body.
Can work in low temperature, long life.
Can be filled with various filter materials.
Made of Fiberglass Shell
Beautiful appearance
Suitable for commercial and industrial water treatment
Excellent corrosion resistance
Widely used places
Media tanks for water and waste water purification treatment, such as media filters, water softeners, can be used in food environmental protection and other fields

4.Industry Steam Generator Boiler

Biomass steam generator is a kind of small boiler with circulating water pipe.
Water circulation is smooth, heating area layout is scientific and reasonable, heat conduction is fast, steam pressure rises fast.
Automatic feed, blower induction fan frequency regulation, boiler automatic operation, according to the load changes can automatically adjust the amount of fuel, steam output stability.
With pressure, water level, smoke exhaust temperature and other protection and alarm measures to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

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