What are the benefits of drying Emamectin Benzoate with vacuum belt dryer?


Emamectin Benzoate is highly safe for all crops and has been used in many food crops and cash crops in western countries.

The use of Emamectin Benzoate is very wide:

1. It is the only new, high efficient, low toxicity, safe, non-polluting, non-residual biocidal insecticide and acaricide that can replace 5 kinds of highly toxic pesticides in the international market. It has the highest activity, wide insecticidal spectrum and no drug resistance.

2. It is widely used for the control of many kinds of pests on vegetables, fruit trees, cotton and other crops.

3. This product has high efficiency, safety, long residual period, is an excellent insecticide, acaricide, for the prevention and control of cotton ling insect and other lepidopteran pests, mites, Coleoptera and Homoptera pests have a very high activity, and it is not easy to make the pests produce drug resistance. It is safe for human and animal, and can be mixed with most pesticides.


Drying Emamectin Benzoate with vacuum belt dryer has the following key benefits:

1. Low temperature drying: Vacuum belt dryers allow drying at relatively low temperatures, which helps to maintain the quality and chemical properties of the product. For heat sensitive substances like Emamectin Benzoate, low temperature drying is important to avoid decomposition or degradation.

2. Rapid drying: Vacuum belt dryers can remove water from the product in a relatively short period of time, increasing production efficiency. This is especially important for mass production.

3. Maintain product uniformity: The belt dryer ensures that products such as Emamectin Benzoate maintain a uniform temperature and humidity distribution throughout the drying process, which reduces the appearance of hot or cold spots and helps to minimize the risk of quality non-uniformity.

4. Avoiding oxidation: Under vacuum conditions, the belt dryer can effectively reduce the presence of oxygen, thereby reducing the risk of product oxidation. This is very beneficial for substances that are susceptible to oxidation.

5. Saving energy: Compared to traditional hot air drying methods, vacuum belt dryers usually require less energy because they are able to utilize heat more efficiently.