Vacuum Belt Dryer - Better than Vacuum Freeze Dryer, New Trend of Probiotics Drying


Probiotics vacuum freeze dryer is currently more advanced drying technology, compared with the traditional freeze dryer has a great improvement. In drying probiotics and maintaining the activity of probiotics has a unique advantage, at present, a large part of probiotic products are freeze-dried using freeze-drying machine for vacuum freeze-drying and storage.

However, the freeze-drying process still faces problems such as loss of activity, long freeze-drying cycle, and difficulty in discharging, which makes the application of vacuum freeze-dryer in the production of probiotics subject to certain limitations.

In recent years, a variety of freeze-drying related technologies have emerged, especially the vacuum low-temperature drying technology, both the advantages of spray vacuum freeze dryer, but also to solve the spray freeze dryer can not solve the problem, at the same time, the energy consumption is much smaller than the spray freeze dryer, and the output is much larger.

Vacuum Belt Dryer is a widely used equipment in the field of industry and food processing for converting liquid or high humidity materials into powder or dry form. Drying probiotics through a vacuum belt dryer has the following key benefits:

1. Maintaining Activity: Vacuum drying is a gentle drying method that can help maintain the activity of probiotics. High temperatures and prolonged drying may kill or reduce the activity of probiotics, but vacuum drying is usually able to be performed at relatively low temperatures and with a short drying cycle, which helps to keep probiotics alive.

2. Long-term storage: Drying probiotics allows for easier long-term storage. The low humidity environment prevents bacterial growth and decomposition, thus extending the shelf life of probiotic products.

3. Continuous and convenient discharging: continuous feeding and continuous discharging under vacuum, and the integration of drying, crushing and granulating process, convenient receiving.

4. Convenient transportation: dried probiotic products are usually lighter and easier to pack and transport. This helps to reduce transportation costs and ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation.

5. Powder or granule form: Vacuum belt dryers can dry probiotics into powder or granule form, which makes them easier to mix with other products, such as the manufacture of nutraceuticals, dairy products, medicines or foods.


It is believed that in the future, vacuum low-temperature continuous dryer will gradually replace most of the including spray vacuum freeze dryer, boosting the high-speed development of probiotic drying industry chain.