Low Temperature Vacuum Continuous Belt Dryer Suitable for Drying Chinese Medicine Extracts


Chinese medicine ointment, which draws from thousand years of Chinese medicine culture, is the inheritance and development of traditional craft. It takes the essence of Chinese herbal medicine in a unique production process, giving a new height of efficacy and concentration. Drying Chinese medicine extract with vacuum belt dryer has the following benefits:

1. Low-temperature drying: vacuum belt dryer can dry at a relatively low temperature, which helps to maintain the activity and stability of the pharmaceutical ingredients in the herbal extract. This is critical for the efficacy of the herbal medicine to prevent the loss or degradation of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients.
2. Maintaining product purity: Under vacuum conditions, the dryer helps prevent external contaminants from entering the drying chamber, ensuring the purity and quality of the final product.
3. Maintaining the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine: Due to the low-temperature drying and vacuum conditions, the efficacious components in traditional Chinese medicine extracts are easier to be preserved and are not easy to be inactivated or degraded, which helps to maintain their medicinal efficacy.
4. Saving time: vacuum belt dryer can remove water in a relatively short period of time to improve production efficiency, which is especially important for the mass production of traditional Chinese medicine extracts.
5. Maintain product uniformity: The belt dryer ensures that the herbal extracts maintain a uniform temperature and humidity distribution throughout the drying process, reducing the risk of product inhomogeneity.
6. Saving energy: Compared to traditional hot air drying methods, vacuum belt dryers usually require less energy because they are able to utilize heat more efficiently.

In summary, the use of a vacuum belt dryer provides multiple benefits for drying herbal extracts, including advantages such as low temperature, product purity, retention of efficacy, time efficiency, product uniformity and energy savings.

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