Dryer suitable for drying fertilizer granules--Low temperature vacuum continuous belt dryer


Benefits of using vacuum belt dryer for drying bioindustry fungal pellets:


1. Low Temperature Drying: The vacuum belt dryer is capable of drying at relatively low temperatures, which helps to maintain the activity of the bioactive substances in the fertilizer particles. This is critical for products in the biological industry to prevent denaturation of proteins or inactivation of active substances.

2. Maintain microbial stability: Drying under vacuum reduces the presence of oxygen, which reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi and helps to maintain the microbial stability of the fertilizer granules.

3. Avoid product contamination: Vacuum belt dryer helps to prevent external contaminants from entering the drying chamber, ensuring the purity and quality of the final product.

4. Reducing particle size variation: The belt dryer can ensure that the fertilizer particles maintain a uniform temperature and humidity distribution throughout the drying process, reducing the risk of particle size non-uniformity.

5. Energy saving: Compared with the traditional hot air drying method, vacuum belt dryer usually requires less energy because it can utilize heat energy more efficiently.


In summary, the use of vacuum belt dryers brings many benefits to the drying of fertilizer pellets in the bio-industry, including advantages such as low temperatures, microbial stability, avoidance of contamination, pellet uniformity and energy savings.


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