Congratulations | Wenzhou JINBANG receives a letter of commendation from a cooperative enterprise


"Zhou Dongsheng, Li Chunfu, and Zhang Chengqun made active efforts and were conscientious and responsible during the construction of the project, showing the advantages of excellent technology, rich experience, strong sense of responsibility, and careful service." "Timely and effective problem solving, conscientious, hard-working, skilled, come early and stay late, fighting together with the workshop front-line staff, day and night, working overtime, reflecting good professionalism and dedication." On October 23rd, Wenzhou Jinbang Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. received a commendation letter from a cooperative customer, in which the enterprise expressed high praise and commendation to our staff.

The construction of the project, as always, reflects the management level of Wenzhou Jinbang and the technical ability of the staff. It won the high evaluation and recognition of the management personnel and front-line staff of the cooperative enterprise, promoted the successful completion of the project construction, and won a good reputation and word-of-mouth for JBP in the industry.

The recognition and praise of cooperative customers is an incentive for us and our highest honor. Next, we will make persistent efforts to continue to provide better service and more professional ability, hoping that more projects and services will be recognized and praised by customers.

Last but not least, we also wish all the cooperative enterprises a long and prosperous career!