Black Soldier Fly to Kitchen Solids Conversion Project-Visiting Notice


01 Content of the visit

The content of the visit includes: about 45 minutes of demonstration, about 45 minutes of explanation and Q&A, and 1 electronic copy of the description of the automated process of natural creation and the introduction of the equipment. Visit demonstration and explanation of the Q&A content includes:


1Demonstration and explanation of the whole process, including egg hatching, cultivation of young larvae, cultivation of commercial insects, sieving and subsequent processing;

2Demonstration and explanation of automatic breeding equipment of natural black soldier fly, including feeding system, insect feeding system, insect storage system, automatic control system, discharging system and environmental control system;

3Consultation and information of black soldier fly related industry;

4Other gadfly related contents.

02 Charges for visit and inspection

Due to more visits and inspections, the reception capacity of the project is limited. In order to provide professional visit and inspection guidelines and detailed explanation, and to better understand the automated process and supporting equipment created by nature, the project has implemented the visit and inspection fee system since May 1, 2023.


A. Company or organization visit: 1000RMB/company or unit/time

B. Individual visit: 500RMB/person/time

Please transfer the visiting fee to the following collection account 2 days before the on-site visit, and confirm with our project manager after the transfer.

If you need to issue an invoice on company's head, please transfer the visit fee from your company's public account to our collection account and send the invoicing information to our project manager, we will issue an invoice and send it by mail within 7 working days after the completion of the visit. 


03 Visiting time

Before visiting, please make an appointment with the person in charge of the project 3 days in advance and arrive on time. Due to the production arrangement, the main work in the morning is to enter and exit the worms, and the main work in the afternoon is to exit a small amount of worms, sorting and packing, and storage and refrigeration. In order to have a better visiting experience, it is recommended to make an appointment at 9:30-11:30 in the morning.


04 Transportation

Search "Huizhou Food Waste Disposal Transparent Factory" on the map. The factory is located in Ma Dongkeng Sanitation Parking Lot, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, and can be reached by car, taxi, bus or coach. After entering from the gate of Huizhou Sanitation Fleet, go straight for about 50 meters and then turn right for about 10 meters.

1. Go by car:

Search for "Huizhou Food Waste Disposal Transparent Factory" on the map. The factory is located inside the Ma Dongkeng Sanitation Fleet in Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

After entering from the gate of Huizhou Sanitation Fleet, go straight for about 50 meters and then turn right for about 10 meters. As there are many vehicles inside the plant, please slow down after entering the gate and park your vehicle in the designated area.


2Nearby airports:

Huizhou Pingtan Airport: distance 33.1 kilometers, taxi about 53 minutes, about 100 yuan.

3Nearby Railway Station:

Huizhou Station: distance 14 kilometers, taxi about 28 minutes, about 38 yuan;

Huizhou North Station: distance 17 kilometers, taxi about 25 minutes, 46 yuan;

Zhongkai Station: distance 17 kilometers, taxi about 30 minutes, 55 yuan.

4Nearby Passenger Transportation Station:

Huizhou Bus Terminal: distance 8 kilometers, taxi about 17 minutes, 23 yuan;

Huizhou South Line Bus Terminal: 9 kilometers away, about 20 minutes by taxi, 25 yuan.

Huizhou City North Bus Terminal: 14 kilometers away, about 25 minutes by taxi, 30 yuan.

5Nearby bus stops:

Mingfa Gaobang New Town (Gonglian Market) Station: 2 kilometers away, via bus No. 4 and No. 14;

Dutian Industrial Zone Station: 2 kilometers away, via bus No. 4 and No. 14.

05 Accommodation and Dining

There are fewer hotels near the factory, so it is recommended to stay near Goose Ridge East Road, Goose Ridge West Road, Ha Kok South Road or Ha Kok East Road.

There are fewer restaurants near the factory, so it is recommended to dine near the accommodation hotels.


06 Dressing Suggestion

1. When visiting the factory, it is recommended to wear comfortable and suitable shoes, avoid wearing slippers, sandals, high heels and other shoes that are not convenient for walking;

2Because of the dense forest near the factory, there are more mosquitoes in summer, it is recommended to wear long sleeves and long pants; we are equipped with mosquito repellent medicines such as flower water and wind oil essence, if you need them, please ask the site staff for them.

07 Confidentiality

The full set of automatic black soldier fly breeding equipment developed by Nature Creation has been protected by many authorized patents. Respecting intellectual property rights is the greatest goodwill to the creators, and we hope and ask you to do the following:

1Please do not turn on the cell phone, camera, tape recorder and other electronic devices without permission, if you need to take a picture you can seek help from the staff;

2, do not arbitrarily disclose to others the natural creation of commercial secrets, confidential information and other visit-related content, visit the content of strict confidentiality;

3No unauthorized imitation and production of natural creation of research and development equipment.


08 Safety Notice

For the health and safety of you and others, please observe the following safety regulations and requirements during the visit:

1The helmet will be uniformly issued before the visit, for your safety, please wear a helmet throughout;

2The ground may have residual grease and water stains, please be careful of slippery ground;

3Don't stand under the hoist, keep a safe distance from the running equipment and stand outside the yellow safety line;

4There are many vehicles in the plant area, so you need to pay attention to avoiding vehicles;

5No smoking in the plant area and no open fire (because there may be flammable methane gas);

6It is strictly prohibited to bring fire, chemicals, explosives and radioactive substances into the plant area;

7Visitors should be accompanied by staff, please obey the guidance of the staff;

8Please do not touch any equipment buttons without permission, so as not to cause accidental injury to you or others;

9Please don't panic if you encounter any emergency during the visit and evacuate according to the guidance of the staff.


Thank you for visiting the project of transforming kitchen solid residue by black soldier fly! We are very confident and sure that you will make the visit worthwhile!